VeVille Watches has been several years in the making and it was a random meeting at a café in Venice Beach that everything became clear.


One day at a café in Venice Beach, Gustaf sat in the sun overlooking the palm trees when a vintage Porsche rolled up next to him. A man wearing a white tee and sun faded jeans exited the car. On his wrist he had a beauuuutiful vintage diver watch with a well worn leather strap. The mystery man in the Porsche emitted a self confidence and style that Gustaf wanted for himself... But there was a big problem - he could afford the jeans and tee, but the watch was way out of his league. So what does a man with an entrepreneurial spirit do? He fix it!


With a clear vision of creating an affordable vintage inspired watch - Gustaf began the work of trying to piece everything together creating his own watch brand. After attending several events in L.A to learn more about the industry and ridiculously many meetings with respected name in the industry, Gustaf and his business partner Dennis finally got a breakthrough with an exclusive invitation to Switzerland for a meeting with a manufacturer. While in Switzerland the duo gained more fascinating inside knowledge of the watch industry. They found out that most watch components were produced in Asia and then shipped to Switzerland for assembly. And that’s when they realized that they could produce a quality watch at a significantly lower price if they could find a quality manufacturer in Asia. After an extensive search and several quality tests they finally found a reputable manufacturer in China that held the standard that they were looking for. After several batches of samples they finally had a product that the really liked and that’s when the Metier was born...

The rest is history.