Every man knows Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean for a reason - they are the icons of the past. Not only for their character, but predominantly for their style! A style that has inspired men throughout the years. A timeless style that never get outdated.

That was the style that Gustaf was inspired by when he lived in Los Angeles for 10 years. It was something new compared to the uptight style he was used to back home in Sweden. 

In Los Angeles Gustaf saw business men in nice suits riding motorcycles underneath the palm trees. And successful entrepreneurs wearing washed jeans and white t-shirt driving in their vintage Porsches under the sun. All of them wore a vintage sports watch on their wrists. Either with a well worn leather band or a beat up rattling steel bracelet. The style that Gustaf saw on these men was very relaxed and at the same time well thought thru. This style showed that they lived life on their own terms, answering to no one - just like the icons of the past! 

The only problem being the cost of these vintage sports watches. While washed jeans and t-shirts are easy to afford, a vintage watch is not. This inspired Gustaf to start Veville!


The search for an affordable vintage watch took Gustaf on a journey all over Los Angeles. He visited several stores in hopes of finding a watch that fit the description. To his disappointment he came up short. Realizing that no one made vintage inspired watches with the right look and feel. The ones he found were cheap to the touch or straight up knock offs from the expensive brands. The genuine look and feel that Gustaf was looking for were no where to be found, he wanted a watch that took inspiration from the classics and payed homage to these without feeling cheap or looking like a knock off.


When Gustaf came up empty handed from his search for an affordable vintage inspired watch he was disappointed. That’s when his entrepreneurial side took over. He realized that in order to get the watch that he was looking for, he had to create the watch himself; something that was easier said than done. 

Most affordable watch brands use off-the-shelf designs and they only puts their name on these ”ready made” designs. But Gustaf wanted more, he wanted his own design from scratch. Designing his own watch from scratch led him to partner up with his friend Dennis. Dennis had a design background and was eager to accept the challenge of designing Gustafs vision of a vintage watch.  

It was a long and though journey, that faced a lot of obstacles along the way. Endless discussions with the factory about different materials - but in the end it was all worth it!

The result was Veville’s first model the ”Metier 39”, with the following specs:

Custom designed case in stainless steel

With a classic vintage size of 39mm, it fits most wrists without being bulky and at the same time without looking too small. It’s the perfect size watch! With a thickness of only 11mm it goes under your cuff easily!

Uni-directional ”Coin edge”-bezel

Metier has a perfect mix of luxury and attitude all thanks to its beautiful bezel. The coin edge of the bezel combined with the matte black aluminum disc oozes vintage, and true watch enthusiasts knows that a aluminium bezel will wear beautifully over time unlike modern day ceramic bezels that are resistant to wear and tear. The choice of aluminium bezel ads to the vintage feel of the watch and it’s something that needs to be experienced.

•Stylish dial with classic colors and brushed stainless steel markers  

The dial is carefully designed to give the watch a timeless look that never goes out of style. In order to give the watch the right feeling of sophisticated luxury we have given the markers and hands a sand blasted stainless steel design.

• Sapphire glass for durability

The dial is protected by a high quality sapphire glass with an anti reflective coating on the inside. This gives the Metier a very clear glass that is also resistant to most wear and tear. Something that furthers the quality feel of the watch.

100 meters water resist

The Metier is meant to be used. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, your watch will get its personal touch when you use it. Don’t hesitate to bring your Metier along for your next adventure. It will make you look like James Bond, and that’s not too bad!

• Low quantity to make sure that our quality is on point

We’re very proud of the high quality of our watches. By ordering low quantities we are able to secure the quality of each individual watch before it leaves our HQ. Put in numbers our customer  complaints and return rates are both below 1%. Something that’s well below the industry standard and it allows both us and our customers to be proud of our watches. See what some of our customers are saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship your products from?

We are a Swedish brand and we ship all our products from our headquarters here in Sweden.

What's the delivery time?

We handle your order within 24 hours. Shipping time depending on shipping location but normally 2-7 days.

Do you offer free shipping & returns?


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days. No questions asked. Please read our Return Policy for more details.

(Customs fees / import duties are not included when shipping to locations outside EU)

Do you offer any warranties?

Of course! We are very proud of the products we offer. We offer a 2 year international warranty on our watches and 1 year on our bands & straps.